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Larry & Donna Bruce

Your work is turning heads in southeast Georgia. Every time we drive the Nova people are giving us the thumbs up, wanting information about the car, and asking to take a photograph of YOUR work. Your care for the detail and professional on time service, certainly made my wife happy. I was absolutely speechless at the reveal party to see such a beautiful car. Thanks again for helping my wife make OUR dream come true through your talent. I definitely will send others to you when they require automobile paint and body work.
Larry Bruce (proud owner of Mark and Alicia's artistic and professional results).


 Head On Collision & Automotive Refinishing LLC.

3373 Second St South Folkston GA 31537 US


William Ponce

Got my Ford F-250 back today from Mark and I must admit that the repair and detail turned out really good. I am satisfied with their work and cost for the repair. Thanks again. I hope not to see you guys under those circumstances again. Lol.

Stacy Hoskison Griffin

I want to thank everyone at Head On Collision and Auto Refinishing for the great work on my Dodge. When I brought it in the top and hood of the truck had little to no paint left after a cheap paint job before we bought it. It also had dings and plenty of small scratches from years for farm living. It now looks better than ever. Thanks for taking your time to make it look like new!! Your customer service and quality are second to none.

John Franklin

Mark treated me well w/my car repair. I highly recommend, does good work.

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Penny DeMent de Levy

Thirteen years ago, I fell in love with a royal blue, BMW 2000 Z3. My daughter was headed to college, and I was ready to give up the Mom-mobile and get back into a convertible sports car. Over the years, I never got tired of walking into the garage and seeing that pretty, blue car sitting there. It collected its share of door dings in parking lots, a slit in the rear bumper when I backed into a trailer hitch, a wrinkled nose before I learned just how low that front spoiler is, and chips in the hood from an unexpected hail storm. More recently, there were spots on the hood where the paint was delaminating. I had two choices - touch up the paint, and trade the car in on something newer; or do the job right, paint the whole car, and keep it for as long as I am able to climb in and out of it. I opted for the latter, and began looking for someone I trusted to do the job. I took it to two other shops before a friend recommended Head On Collision. We made the hour and half drive from NW St. Johns County, to show Mark the car. We immediately knew that my "baby" would be in good hands. We were told that the car would be done in three weeks. It was ready a day early. I loved that Mark's wife, Alicia, posted photo updates of the car's progress on Facebook. I loved how quickly either Mark or Alicia responded to calls or emails. Most of all, I love how my car looks. While stopped at a stop light on the drive home from Head On Collision, two men motioned for me to roll my window down so that they could tell me what a beautiful car I had. This past Sunday, people I didn't know stopped me in my church parking lot to comment on my beautiful car. My expectations were exceeded, and I am an enthusiastic fan of Head On Collision. The passion for what you do is obvious in the quality work you turn out. I'll be attending another car show on Saturday. And, I keep your business cards in my car. It's a rolling advertisement.